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Issue #58: Why CSMs Must Act Like Psychologists

[June 2, 2021] Bad Execution vs Good Execution, I Want to Hire Someone My Team Said “No” to on the Debrief, How Zendesk Adapts Best Practices in Product to CS.


Issue #57: How CS Becomes MVP of the Executive Team

[May 26, 2021] How Execs Can Better Present to A Board of Directors, Blog What You’ve Struggled With, Customer Success vs. Sales, Purchasing A CS Platform.


Issue #56: Why CS Won’t Report to Sales in the Future

[May 19, 2021] Your CSM Interview Blueprint, How to Build a Customer-First Culture, The Judicious Imposition of Structure, The Rise of the Strategic CCO.


Issue #55: The Rise of the Strategic CCO

[May 12, 2021] How to Drive Over 100% NRR With SMBs, We Need to Talk About Your Q3 Roadmap, Managing a Customer Success Team With Boaz Maor.


Issue #54: 10+ CS Ops Questions Answered

[May 5, 2021] What if There Were No CSMs?, The Art and Science of Customer Experience, How to Design Effective Onboarding, On Speaking up and Shutting up.


Issue #53: Lessons From Running CS Ops at Zoom, Gainsight, Stack Overflow, & More

[April 28, 2021] How to Manage Managers, The Best Email Tips You'll Read in 2021, If Nothing Else—Segment Churn, Between Sales and Product.


Issue #52: Do’s and Don’ts of NPS

[April 21, 2021] Being Busy Doesn’t Mean You’re Productive, Growth Is Sexy but Not Its Ingredients, NPS Subject Lines That Drive Response Rates, Running CS Ops.


Issue #51: Should Companies Stop Assigning Ownership?

[April 14, 2021] Data Analysis Is Underrated, The Most Important Function in Usage-Based Business, Lessons in Re-Launching a CSM Org, Remote Presentations.


Issue #50: 50 Things Every Customer Success Leader Should Know

[April 7, 2021] How to Hire Bad A$$ CSMs, CS Opportunity Pipeline, Format for Presenting to Your Manager, Running CS Ops at Zoom, Gainsight, & Stack Overflow.


Issue #49: 15 Customer Success Leaders Share Their Best Career Advice

[March 31, 2021] The Missing Piece of Software Sales, Running CS Ops at Zoom, Gainsight, Stack Overflow, & More, Change Management in Customer Success.