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Paul Staelin Chief Customer Officer at Trifacta.

Issue #84: Scaling an “Effortless Experience” With the APACE Framework

[December 1, 2021] Don’t Soften Feedback, The 9 Qualities of a Great Rep, Build and Scale Collaboration Between Customer Success and Sales, How to Embrace An Abundance Mindset.


Issue #83: Signs Your CS Team Is Operating Like a Cost Center, Not a Profit Center

[November 24, 2021] Why CCOs are Next in Line for the CEO Job, A New Way to Think About Product-Market Fit, The Best Leaders are Feedback Magnets, A Product Manager’s Remorse.

Krista Anderson-Copperman, former CCO at Okta.

Issue #82: Companies Are Demanding Higher-Powered CCOs. Here’s What You Need to Know

[November 17, 2021] Planning and Budgeting in Customer Success, The Principles of a Remarkable Customer Experience, Don't Be Spooky, Is My Product a Nice to Have?

1:Many Customer Onboarding.

Issue #81: Get Your 1:Many Customer Onboarding Right

[November 10, 2021] You’re Not Wasting Your Mentor’s Time, CX In a Digital-First World, Being Nice and Effective, Think About Renewals Before a Customer Signs.

Gainsight’s Director of CS Ops & Admin Community Seth Wylie

Issue #80: Breaking into CS Ops and How to Grow From There, with Gainsight’s Seth Wylie

[November 3, 2021] The Rise of CS as a Profit Center, The Benefits of Looking Stupid, How CS Ops Drives Market Valuation, Make it Easy for Customers to Leave.

Zeina Marcotte, Customer Success Ops & Strategy leader at LinkedIn.

Issue #79: An Inside Look at LinkedIn’s 25-Person CS Ops Team

[October 27, 2021] Most Churn Happens in 3-6 Months (Here’s What to Do), Variable Comp. Models for CSMs, Creating a Profitable Human 1st Business, Pro Serv Subscription Model.

Xero's CCO Rachael Powell

Issue #78: A CCO’s Inside-Out Approach to Customer Experience

[October 20, 2021] The Ten Customer Commandments, How New Managers Fail ICs, How to Increase the LTV of Your Customers, 10 Observations From Implementing CS.

5 Ways Companies Will Need to Rethink CS

Issue #77: 5 Ways Companies Will Need to Rethink CS

[October 13, 2021] Why (Nearly*) Every SaaS Company Should Have A CCO, 3 Practices to Scale A Winning Team, Top 2021 CS Strategists, How to Close More 6-Figure Deals.

Diversity and inclusion in Customer Success.

Issue #76: Step 1 to Increasing Diversity: Start With Your Existing Employees

[October 6, 2021] Actually Influencing the Product Roadmap as a CS Leader, What It Really Means to be Manager, Director, or VP, No Objection ≠ Agreement, 10 Things Changing in CS.

The role of customer success operations in tech-touch programs.

Issue #75: The Role of CS Ops in Tech-Touch Programs

[September 29, 2021] The 10 Commandments of Salary Negotiation, The Question I Regret Not Asking CSM Candidates, Retention Rates vs. Valuation, Enforce the Right to Disconnect Using CS.