Workflow Intelligence
for Sales

Focus on deals that matter with smart prompts and alerts, triggered by customer profile and renewal data.

Workflow Intelligence for Sales
Win prediction

Win prediction

Nuffsaid shows you which deals are most likely to close based on your previous performance and interactions with each prospect.

Deal-lost data

Deal-lost data

Visualize each of your deal-lost opportunities to see where things got stuck and why they didn’t close, and use that data to advocate for resources or internal process changes.

Smart alerts

Smart alerts

Get daily alerts about non-responsive prospects with recommended templates for follow up.

Focus on high quality opportunities
to close pipeline faster

Nuffsaid identifies patterns across product usage, customer communications, and Salesforce data to focus you on the opportunities most likely to close.

View of identified data patterns

Take control of your workday

Nuffsaid Personal

Start managing your communications in one intelligent workspace. We’ll let you know when the Customer Success upgrade is available.

Nuffsaid for Sales

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