Be proactive for the right customers everyday

Nuffsaid centralizes CSM email, chat, tasks, and playbooks into a smart workspace, syncs with CRM data, and prioritizes customers that matter.

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Customer inboxes

Create unique inboxes for any group of
customers or contacts, for customers
with low health scores, or for customers
who have missed a message from you.


Smart tasks

Nuffsaid notifies CSMs when customer
risks and expansion opportunities are
identified, then delivers tasks for CSMs
to complete within their workspace.


View & edit
customer data

See contact and account information for
every customer email, task, and
playbook in your workspace. Make quick
edits that sync back to your CRM.


CRM updates

Customer emails and tasks are
automatically synced to your CRM.
Nuffsaid also adds new contacts to your
customer accounts.



Connect multiple Gmail and Slack
accounts, then read,
respond, and manage customer
communication in one place.


“Nuffsaid is a game changer for people who are working across different project and communication apps. Instead of responding to messages as they come in, Nuffsaid helps you respond to messages in order of their importance. It feels like a complete evolution to how we think about productivity.”

Hala Keilany, Senior Customer Success Manager
Hala Keilany, Senior Customer Success Manager

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